Dear ‘Upperty’ Imbeciles

So people like Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins are given platforms to air their poisonous views for all to hear. Brexit and the way media in all its forms portray people of colour reinforce stereotypes and have people thinking its ok to be racist and prejudice.

What the hell is going on?

Hyperreal misconceptions and prejudices are rife in an age where those who think they’re the most liberal, probably feel the most uncomfortable around people of colour.
They grip their handbag, hide their phone, mock the way we walk, talk and dress. Use irony to further themselves, trolling parts of a culture they think they know all about but really know nothing about because they lack the fundamental thing, a connection to the soul of it.

There’s no struggle therefore they have no soul.
Peep it for yourselves.
Pree and check the signs.
I can spot it through the smoke, mist, and deception.

That privilege you refuse to acknowledge is in your back pocket like that credit card that you refuse to touch unless its a special occasion.
That privilege gets you the call back for the interview, a review of your CV, an invitation to the interview, a tap on the shoulder for the job, the pay rise, the referral at the fortune 500 or ftse, the better mortgage rate and rate of interest on any form of finance.

That privilege is the thing you choose not to acknowledge but can’t help but throw pennies in the well of perspective when it comes to the socio-economic and mobility barriers facing people of colour.

That privilege has been washed in so much blood and grief throughout centuries, where your self-assured privilege has decimated, corrupted, exploited and enslaved generations upon generations of cultures all for power and wealth.

But at what cost?

It’s no longer cool to be you anymore.
We know your dirty little secrets behind the grand illusion of your privilege.
Your privilege holds no substance.
Your privilege is corrupt and defective.
It was all a rouse.

Unoriginal, plagiarised, biased, uncivilised, barbaric, souless…

I’m fed up of these ‘upperty’ imbeciles thinking they can get away with these unacceptable views when they refuse to face the atrocities carried out by their ancestors, which they directly benefit from to this day.
They have the oblivious audacity to wonder why people of colour are at a social and economic disadvantage when the institutions of western culture and privilege have been built on a foundation of systematic and structural oppression and exclusion.

I’ve had enough of the same misconceptions, miseducation, prejudice and stereotypes.
I’ve had enough of the BBC’s, Fox’s, CNN’s, Metro’s, Evening Standard’s, LBC’s, USA’s, UK’s, Netanyahu’s, Trumps, Farage’s, Hopkins’.
Police brutality, economic inequality, Africa kept in relative poverty at the hands of international debt and business folly, Palestine suffering from apartheid after a continuous land grab robbery.

I’ve had enough of them all.

One day soon Babylon shall fall, sign the petition on



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